Glutes Workout

Get a bigger butt and slender legs with this NO SQUAT glutes workout.

I am so excited to share with you this glutes workout! It is inspired by Windsor-pilates, which I did about 10+ years ago, and Blogilates. It is my own creation that I put together to motivate myself to still get my workout in even at the end of the night when I just want to watch Netflix…

Just the other night I found myself very frustrated with my kids. We all know how that goes. You find yourself lecturing them just a bit too long and your inner voice starts rebelling against you saying, “That is enough. You can stop now. They have no idea what you are even saying. You don’t even know what you are saying!” Then I had that ‘Ah ha’ moment. I realized that it had been 2 days since I exercised. This means that Mama is on the war path.

When I don’t exercise I lose my patience faster, my mind isn’t as clear in dealing with the tough situations that come with having toddlers, and I am generally just not that nice of a person. When I don’t get to do the thing that clears my mind and makes my body feel good well, then I just feel like a shaken soda bottle ready to explode at the first change in air quality.

So back to the other night. Even though it was against my nature I decided to ask for a time out. My super sweet hubs agreed to take over kid duty and I had some one-on-one time on the elliptical. After that, I rejoined the family for stories and bedtime kisses. Netflix is our nightly ritual and so, my husband and I sat down to watch our show together. I knew I hadn’t quite exercised enough to make it count so instead of sitting on the couch I decided to do a glutes workout. I did my “Lazy Girl’s Workout.” This is a great routine for the end of the night because it is easy enough yet will make your legs and especially your buns burn.

For me, it is essential to at least sneak this workout in at the end of a hard day. The truth is I know exactly what it is like to “let yourself go” and find yourself overweight and struggling to be your normal self. You can read more about my story of weight gain and the journey that it was to lose the weight on my About page. That is why I live by the mentality It is a Lifestyle, not a diet. It reminds me that I have the power to make choices that are good for me and are possible to maintain in my life.

This “Lazy Girls Workout” is just the thing to keep me from neglecting my body but still not punishing it at the end of the day when I am too tired to do a more intense workout. That being said, don’t be fooled. This glutes workout is tough and if you do it regularly, say 3-5 times a week, you will get results. By repeatedly targeting the gluteal muscles through different exercises you force them to build and grow stronger (and thus, bigger).

To do this glutes workout, you only need an interval timer. I use A HIIT Interval Timer. It’s totally free. Then, lay on your side with your hips stacked. You are ready to start!

Glutes Workout for the lazy girl

Do each exercise for one minute then, repeat on the opposite side. For more of a challenge, try to do two sets on each side.

Leg Kick Ups


Trace the Ball


Lower Leg Lift



Watch the quick youtube video (of me!) showing you how to properly do this move. I hope your buns are screaming when you complete this glutes workout!