Watermelon Tips

August 26, 2015

It is an art to choose the best possible watermelon, these two tips never fail me!

Watermelon is a wonderful summer fruit that no one should miss out on. It is mainly water and therefore excellent to help you stay hydrated on a hot summer day. But isn’t it a bummer when you choose one and it turns out not to be very red on the inside? It is whitish-pink and just not all that decadent. Not like a nice red juicy one would be. So here’s two simple ways to help you choose the best watermelon you can:

  1. Knock on it. Seriously, knock on it. And keep your ear close because you have to listen to what it sounds like. It should sound hollow. So, a knock that does not sound hollow will be a thicker klunk. A hollow knock sounds lighter. Try a few different watermelons until you can notice the difference.
  2. Find the “worn” spot. You know how some watermelons have a round spot that is usually a yellow/brown? Well, turns out that spot is a good thing! The spot comes from how long the watermelon was allowed to sit in the field and ripen. Cool, huh?

So it is that simple to choosing a perfect watermelon. And remember that with any produce it is an art, not a science, to learn how to make good choice. The more you do it and are able to see the results the better you will get at learning what the knock should sound like and what the spot should look like. Before you go I want to share you more piece of advice about watermelons: Eat the seeds! Check this out: 17 Reasons you should eat the seeds.

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I hope you enjoyed these tips, good luck with picking the perfect watermelon!