OMstars Review

Let me start by telling you all that this Omstars review is not sponsored. In other words, I am in no way getting any type of payment or benefit from Omstars. This is an honest Omstars review as a service for individuals who enjoy yoga but, like me cannot afford a membership at a yoga studio.

Omstars is a compromise in a way because you still have to pay a membership fee but it is a tenth of the cost of a physical yoga studio. Being an online membership, you also have the convenience of practicing whenever and where ever you are able. This is so practical for me because I am a non-working mom of three. That means I don’t have a lot of money or time. As much as I would like to have a dedicated space to practice the truth is I will lay out my yoga mat anywhere that allows my children to behave so I can get a few minutes to focus on my own health. For me, this freedom is essential.

What is Omstars?

Let’s back up for a minute so you can understand the Omstars is an online service made by Yogis for Yogis. There are over 100 videos in 5 different categories. These categories are Practice, Insight, Wellness, and Culture. The latter three categories contain videos ranging from Vegan cooking, life coaching, yogi lifestyles, travel, and more. Practice is the only category I was interested in during my one month trial period.

As I said earlier, I don’t have hours to spend on my mat. I don’t even get to my mat daily (no matter how hard I try). But, I was still able to experience about six different teachers or “hosts” as they are termed on Omstars. Most of these teachers I learned new things from and chose to take a few different courses from. The few I did not like were due to moving too quickly or, tbh, they were just a little too “out there” if ya know what I mean. 

When I first started exploring the sight and trying to find courses that were right for me I felt a bit defeated because most videos were at least 40 minutes and a lot of them were 90 minutes. Again, as a mom of three young kids, I am borderline neglecting them while I do yoga so 40 minutes is just not doable for me. But, after poking around on there I found a series designed for those that are short on time and these videos range from 15-25 minutes.

There are multiple hosts on this series and each host has a mini-series. So you have the option of practicing longer or completing their series over a few days.

Although the majority of the videos I practiced I quite enjoyed, I still cannot say that I decided to permanently sign up for this service. The bottom line is that there are thousands of videos on youtube that are free (at least at the time of writing this blog). Just like Omstars, on Youtube, you will have to try out different teachers to find the one you like the most.

Another reason Omstars isn’t for me is that I do not worship the “Yogi” lifestyle. I am not interested in life coaches that will tell me I need to eat a Vegan diet or someone telling me how to express gratitude. I am a healthy person physically and mentally and am not interested in videos done by people I know nothing about telling me how to eat and think. I like yoga for exercise and stretching, not for a religion.

With so many free resources out there I do not feel that Omstars is offering something unique that you can’t get elsewhere and I am not interested in the other resources, other than the practice videos, that they have to offer. If you can somehow get a free 30-day trial then I highly recommend checking it out for yourselves. Otherwise, take your $15 and go to a drop in class at a nearby clinic.

I hope this Omstars review helps you make a more educated decision to help you on your health journey.