Faith is not just something to believe in. Faith is a way of living and being who you were designed to be.

Below are links to a few different of my faith blog posts that have been well received in my readership community. Click on any of the pictures to learn more about my faith and how it shapes the way I am choosing to live. I hope you enjoy!

How to say no

Are you the one always giving in? Always saying yes? Always putting others first? That was me. It was exhausting and it left me resentful and angry. And then one day I realized that enough was enough and sometimes I needed to say no.

My morning mantra. Click here for other verses that have helped me battle despression.

I knew in my heart and head that I was depressed but that didn’t help me to know what to do. Read more about my story plus, some of the verses I cling to in the worst of times.

No tips or advice. Just a defeated mom's story.

Ever feel completely overwhelmed and defeated from your children. I do all the time. I promise not to give you any tips, just to tell you a story of how I am learning to let go.


I believe in what God is doing in your life.

Encouraging messages are sometimes all I really need. Maybe all anyone really needs. Encouragement, support, and a little kindness. I need encouraging messages to come from people I know and respect as well as from strangers because I am just not that sure of myself.

How to find friends. Even Jesus knew the importance of friends, which is why he kept 12 of them with him all the time.

When you are unassertive it is hard to find friends that will be a good influence on you. This is because your unassertive nature will attract those that can control you. You have to be aware that people in your life have the power to help you or hurt you.

If you are looking for meaningful friendships, read this! #prayingforfriends

How to Find Friends, Part II

how to stand up for yourself

When you stand up for yourself. You are giving people a chance to change and see you differently, to treat you as you deserve to be treated. Just like Jesus stood up for who he was, what his mission was, and who sent him, you too can stand up for yourself.