Family fitness

It’s not that it’s about getting the whole family in on your fitness routine. It’s about the fact that as the woman of the house, we have the ability to create the mood in our houses. Think about it. When we are happy, isn’t everyone else? When we are mad, everyone is glum. For me, exercise helps me to be able to set a pleasant tone in my house. A calm and peaceful tone. So, my 2016 goal is to workout every day. While I have typically taken one or two days rest a week, I can say happily that I have stuck to this goal so far. Some days are longer or harder workouts while other days are a walk around the block or simple stretching. The point is my body aches to move and when it is physically limited, my mind can get emotionally stunted.

family fitness

Really, it’s true. I will fly off the handle easier, get overwhelmed with daily tasks, or just feel plain frustrated with everything my kids do. That’s why I came up with this list. Being about a month and a half into this working out everyday mentality, I can see the benefits spreading to the rest of my family. 

Whether you go to a gym, hop on a treadmill, or workout in front of some YouTube videos you are worth it! And if that isn’t reason enough to exercise then let me say that your family deserves it too. Yes, when you have a million other things to do it is tough to try to get a workout in. I know this. I live this. But start looking at it in different terms. How does working out benefit you? And how does that overflow out of you and onto the ones closest to you? Here are 15 reasons you should work-out and why your family will benefit from it:

family fitness

  1. Mommy isn’t so grouchy because she has taken out her aggressions during her workout.
  2. Mommy has a clearer head to deal with arguments and crises calmly and gently.
  3. Kids are not getting yelled at.
  4. Mommy feels more confident in bed with Daddy.
  5. Daddy is happy.
  6. Mommy doesn’t have to take her anti-depressant.
  7. Mommy can snack without having guilt and is therefore, not hangry.
  8. Mommy is happier because she is getting me-time and can be truly present with the kids.
  9. Kids are getting the attention they need.
  10. Kids learn to entertain themselves and take care of themselves while mommy works out.
  11. Kids and daddy get time together.
  12. Kids learn the importance of taking care of yourself and exercising.
  13. Daddy might start working out and eating healthier.
  14. Mommy is less stressed, because exercise decreases stress hormones, therefore Daddy is less stressed.
  15. Daddy is more laid back because he is getting some.

The most frequently asked question I get is, “But when do you workout? With the kids awake?” Click the picture below for my answer:

This list began serious but then I quickly realized that I couldn't leave off all the ways kids make it next to impossible to get a workout in. If you enjoy sarcasm, check this out.