Tailwind for Pinterest

I have been blogging off and on for three years. For the first year and a half, I was very committed, writing 2-3 articles a week. I did research, sent emails, promoted on social media. All the right things started happening. My website developed a following. People were signing up to receive weekly emails, opening them and, to my delight, reading them! It was all so exciting and energizing and then…


I found myself sick as a dog one morning. I was pregnant. Don’t read this wrong – I was beyond elated! This would be my third child and oh, how I had prayed for another baby! Needless to say, with pregnancy fatigue, nausea, and a pair of toddlers to chase all day, my blog fell to the wayside.

With blogging low on the list of priorities, how would I maintain the momentum my blog had picked up? I didn’t want to lose all that I had worked for but I didn’t know how I could possibly keep up! That is when I began seriously considering some type of automatic pin scheduler, something to continue to promote my blog when I literally couldn’t.

This isn’t the first time I had ever thought about using an automated service. When you enter the blogging world you read about these services. When I read about services like Tailwind I always thought something like, “I don’t really need a scheduler.” “Pinning every night isn’t that big of a deal.” Or the one that influenced me the most, “My blog isn’t making much money as is, I can’t really afford to sign up for something new.”

If these are some of the things you tell yourself to keep yourself from signing up for Tailwind. I’m going to tell you something I wish someone told me. Stop it right there! Just stop!

Signing up for Tailwind’s Pinterest scheduler is going to be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your blog! Trust me! You have to ignore the part of you that is a naysayer, the part that is scared and isn’t sure if you’ll succeed at this blogging thing. You have to take a leap of faith. Tailwind is exactly what you need to grow your blogging presence, your audience, and your self-confidence. 


Here are three reasons you need to start a Tailwind account

#1 Tailwind uses Pinterest analytics to pin at effective times to maximize your exposure.

Unless you have countless hours to do research or read books on Pinterest analytics, you are not optimizing your pins. You see, there is an art to what you pin, where you pin it, and when you pin it. There are certain times of the day that your pins get the most looks, some boards are more or less popular than others, and unless someone is actually monitoring your group boards (nearly impossible) most people are not re-pinning each other.

Tailwind will analyze your boards, your audience, and your account activity to determine the best days and times to pin. Thus, maximizing your reach and influence. All you have to do is tell it what to pin and where!

#2 Through consistency, Tailwind will exponentially grow your monthly viewers.

Tailwind is a program designed to pin when and where you say. It will never miss a night of pinning because a kid threw up after dinner. It will never miss a morning of pinning because it decided to take the kids to the park. Oh and also, it won’t miss a weekend pinning while it goes on vacation. Tailwind will keep you pinning regularly which is what it takes to increase your monthly viewers. Increased viewers equal increased exposure and people you can be helping with your blog.

#3 Tailwind gives you the freedom to live life while still working hard toward financial freedom.

Marketing and promoting your blog on social media is a necessary part of blogging. You won’t grow your blog without it. However, one of the reasons I started a blog in the first place was because I wanted to create. I found myself bored on Pinterest and I wanted to see if I had anything to offer the world. Turns out I do, but spending all this time promoting actually means less time to be creative. Using a scheduler frees you up. And isn’t freedom the reason you started a blog in the first place?

Freedom to be at home with your children, to experience life more fully with your family, and to achieve financial freedom. 

So don’t waste any more time doing something that Tailwind can do, and do it better at that!


Instead, spend your time writing actual articles, creating beautiful pins people want to click on. These are the things only you can do because they make you unique! Spend more time sharing a part of yourself with others to help and encourage them. Spend less time doing the tedious, yet necessary, marketing tasks.

So, did Tailwind work for me?

Yes – it did! 


And I have one more cute baby!

Take a look at my analytics below.


The month before I signed up for Tailwind my insights from WordPress show an average page view of 60 per day. Not terrible, not amazing.



The month that Tailwind was madly pinning for me at their predetermined best times of the day my page view average jumped to 120 with a couple of really good spikes touching up to 240.



These are my Pinterest analytics. In the month prior to Tailwind, average daily viewers were less than 900 or around 42,000 a month, with only 2,000 being engaged a month.



In the month of Tailwind, all my Pinterest stats went up. Average daily views over 1,100, or 64,000 a month, and over 2,800 engaged.

These are moderate numbers but the change happened in only 30 days. The time commitment from me was minimal. I may have spent one hour setting up my account the first day. Then, every couple of days, I tried to remember to pop onto Tailwind to check out what I had set up over the next few days and change anything as I wanted. These trips to Tailwind took less than 15 minutes and when I forgot to do this for a few days it didn’t matter! My pins would still be published.

There are other ways Tailwind can help grow your blog even more. An exciting feature is tribes. Tribes act as a group board on Pinterest. What I mean is that you join tribes that have similar topics as your blog and you post your content within the tribe. You use this platform to schedule posts from other bloggers and they schedule yours. Tailwind uses their software to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules of the group and so your exposure should explode. (This was the original idea for group boards except most people do not pin each other and thus no one actually sees the benefit they should.) I did not use Tribes from Tailwind over my first month simply because I wanted to experiment with the basics first. And this isn’t the only special feature on Tailwind, just one of the most popular.

So whatever is holding you back, just stop it right there! This is going to be one of the best things you do for your blog. It will increase your blog exposure, grow your traffic and your followers, and most importantly give you more freedom to enjoy your family (or if you are like I was, to lay on the couch all day feeling crappy). I believe this is one of the best things I have done to market and promote my blog and it will be great for you too! If you need another push then click this link to get your first month of Tailwind Plus for free! (Any of the Tailwind links provided should credit you with one month free.) That’s a $15 value and I thank you in advance because by signing up through my link you will be gifting me one month free as well!