It’s not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle.

I have been living under this motto for roughly 10 years!  It’s what I did to lose 26 lbs and keep it off for the last 10 years and through 3 babies.

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In 2005, I was in the middle of my freshmen year of college and I had gained 26 pounds in one semester.  Although I began going to the gym and eating salads, the weight wasn’t coming off. Gotta love how it takes no time at all to gain weight but years to take it off.  I was in the middle of this struggle when my cousin said to me “it’s a lifestyle, not a diet.”  I realized I was going to have to pick up healthy habits, learn more about what I was putting into my body, exercise more efficiently, and change my way of thinking in order to be the person that I saw myself being.

So, “It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.”  What does that mean?  For me it means freedom:  freedom from restrictions and must-do workouts.  I can have a “bad day” and eat a whole batch of cookies (and totally enjoy it!) and then, forgive myself and start fresh again the next moment.  It is the same with working out.  I don’t get to workout every day, I mean who does?  But I try to stay active every day and work out, HARD, when I can.  The freedom in living a healthy lifestyle, and not following a diet, means that every day and every moment I have choices.  I can choose every meal, snack, drink, and workout based on the way I am feeling, what I want (to eat or to do), and how I envision myself in the days and weeks to come.  Education on what is healthy and good for my body allows for an abundance of options every day.  I also know that rest, relaxation, and delicious treats are a part of life that give me joy and re-fuel me to fight the good fight again tomorrow.  On this blog, I hope to inform you of little steps to take to create a new healthier you from the inside out.

Here are three essential ingredients of a healthy lifestyle:

1 – Mealtime is a Priority

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Try to eat at the same time every day.  Try to eat as many veggies, fruits, and protein sources as you can.  Allow yourself to incorporate grains, dairy, and desserts if your heart desires.  Everything is ok for you….IN MODERATION.  Drink a large glass of water before or with every meal.

2 – Stay active and don’t be lazy

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Let’s go back to my sad weight gain story.  I was much heavier than I had ever been in life but I was trying to get back on track and going to the gym more often.  I also walked to class, as did almost every other freshmen.  On top of that, I decided that I wasn’t going to use the elevator in my dorm any more.  So, I walked up and down seven flights of stairs anytime I came and went from my room.  I still try to use stairs wherever I go!

3 – Sleep

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Lastly, your body (and mind) needs sleep to rejuvenate, heal, and even to continue to burn extra calories.  Pay attention to how much sleep you are getting and how you feel in the mornings to figure out the amount of hours your body needs to feel its best.

I do my best to live by this mentality.  I succeed some days and fail others, but the beauty in having a lifestyle–not being on a diet–is that I will always get another chance to do it right tomorrow.

Are you already living a healthy lifestyle?  If so, what would you say your top three ingredients are?  If you are thinking about starting this lifestyle, what is one thing you can do today to make you a healthier person tomorrow?  Whatever that thing is, will you do it for yourself today?


Simple steps to clean eating. Lose weight the natural and easy way!If you enjoyed this post you may enjoy reading more about my healthy lifestyle path. Like this post on my path to clean eating. It takes years to change habits that are ingrained in you. Be patient and keep your focus on your goals.


    • Callie says:

      Thanks Gilbert,
      Nothing like sharing your embarrassing weight gain story for the world. 😉 Seriously, I am just happy to encourage others to be the best person they can be in all parts of their life!

  1. Staci says:

    Nothing to be embarrassed about at all. I gained 50 pounds with my daughter, and that was in the last four months of pregnancy. Also, I should mention that it was 19 years ago. I lost 40 of it, but have slowly gained at least 20 back in the last 16 years. You get into a comfort zone and changing that is very difficult. I have tried every diet, pill, plan imaginable and really the only way to lose weight is watch what you eat and exercise. People are busy looking for a quick fix, but until you adopt a healthy lifestyle, nothing is going to change.

    • Callie says:

      Well put Staci! Right now I am going through a really good phase of exercising for at least 20 minutes every day (sometimes more) and eating healthier than my normal. I even try to have every piece of fruit in my house as a lunch. I have been feeling great! Check out my post “New Years Resolution” for more on that.

      And also, having a baby is a legitimate way to gain weight. We have to! I gained 40 with both of mine!

  2. Susan Neal says:

    Hi Callie,
    I wanted to see if you would be interested in a guest blogger? My website is ChristianYoga.com and last month I published the book, Scripture Yoga: 21 Bible Lesson for Christian Yoga Classes. It is on sale on Amazon for $.99 through Friday June 10th. Here is a link to Amazon.. Blessings, Susan Neal https://www.amazon.com/Scripture-Yoga-Lessons-Christian-Classes-ebook/dp/B01F5K8XQC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465445337&sr=8-1&keywords=Scripture+yoga+book

  3. Michelle B. says:

    I am 40 and in the process of trying to lose probably 40 pounds. I joined a gym and am trying to eat healthy. I threw out my back last week so that put a damper on my workout. I’ll probably go today though and try a few weights again. I also have days where I just want to eat like crap. It’s hard work so good for you for losing the weight! I found you on Pinterest through your comment on the transformed wife post about mental illness. I replied back to you. Anyway, just thought I’d stop and say hi!

    • Callie says:

      Oh that’s great that you are so dedicated to your health but be careful. Your body needs time to heal! You can continue to stay healthy through eating correctly and doing light stretching and even just walking. Before you know it you’ll reach your goals!

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