Bad Girls of the Bible

Are you looking for a different kind of Bible study? Maybe one that is for women and about women? Liz Curtis Higgs’ book Bad Girls of the Bible: And What We can Learn from Them is an excellent choice. It is an intriguing and life changing book worth reading. Bad Girls of the Bible brings a new twist to the world of Bible studies, featuring ten women with bad reputations.  

The book begins with a prologue of sorts. A real life story of a real life woman, who was a bad girl for a time but was changed by the love of Christ in her heart. Higgs then explain how this book works. Every one of the following ten chapters are inspired by a different biblical character. Each chapter draws you in with a fictional short story, set in our modern world, just like the story in the prologue. The fictional short story is designed to replicate a biblical story based on the featured woman of that chapter. After the short story, Higgs walks the reader through the actual verses in the Bible and explains the story in simple terms. She uses research and language translations to make the biblical story easy to understand. Each chapter leaves the reader with a call to action to change things about yourself so as to live a good life. Located at the end of the book are discussion and study questions to foster small group discussions.

Bad Girls of the Bible is a worthy consideration when choosing a Bible study because of its uniqueness. I have never encountered a book that actually features the negative characters in the Bible. Higgs makes these characters relatable in her fictional stories and her “what we can learn from them” section. I was inspired to change some of my attitudes and behaviors after reading this book because I did not want to share these traits with these women. Specifically, Jezebel who ruled over her husband instead of respecting and honoring him as the head of the family. It isn’t that I walk around trying to dominate my husband. It is more that it is easy to feel entitled in a relationship, taken for granted, or like you deserve something more. The chapter on Jezebel reminded me that sometimes my needs are not the most important and that supporting, encouraging, and respecting my husband is necessary for a healthy and thriving marriage. To be reminded that we all have a little “bad” inside us isn’t a lovely feeling but it inspires growth. The book reminds us that we don’t have to be “bad” forever.

Judging this book by its cover will prevent many from picking it up. However, anyone can learn from reading Bad Girls of the Bible. Even if you have never read these stories or aren’t a Christian, Higgs makes it easy to understand each character. She pulls the reader in with her captivating fictional short stories. Then, pushes the reader to identify with the character and change their ways. Ultimately, everyone wants to be the best person they can be. Whether the reader is a Christian or not, a woman or not, this book can help the reader become a better person.

The book has minimal, if any, errors and was easy to read and understand. Research is clearly documented throughout the book with a full reference list at the end. The mixture of fiction and non-fiction gives everyone a bit of what they like in a book. It is not surprising that I give this book a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. It is easy and enjoyable to read, hard to put down, and makes me want to be a better woman.

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