Pregnancy Exercises for the Booty

First of all, if you came here for pregnancy exercises I am assuming you are pregnant. Sooo, congratulations! I am so excited for you! I loved each of my pregnancies and am enjoying my three babies almost as much. 😉 Pregnancy and motherhood is an amazing time but, also one of stress, physical pain, fatigue, and emotional overload.

One thing that helped me deal with the harder side of pregnancy was to maintain a fitness routine. I did this with my first and third pregnancy and my body bounced back fast and I was mentally and emotionally prepared for my babies. My second pregnancy was a different story.

I was working more and felt I had less time to exercise so, I rarely worked out. When my son was born I struggled. I was physically exhausted and mentally detached. Part of my problem was not being in a physically healthy place. I bring it up here to encourage you that there are more reasons than having a nice bum to continue an exercise routine. For me, a big reason is to guard my body against laziness and my mind against thoughts of negativity. If you would like to read more about my postpartum journey, pop over to this page.

Other reasons to workout during pregnancy are to maintain flexibility, prepare your body for birth, and to gain more energy. My Preggo Booty Burner workout is especially designed for pregnant women because it does all these things!

Pregnancy Exercises for the Booty

These pregnancy exercises will build your booty, tone up your legs and arms, and stretch your joints. Periods of stretching, interspersed with bursts of activity, raises your heart rate while permitting recovery. At the end of the workout you will feel refreshed and accomplished. It is a challenging workout but one that will empower you to continue to improve your body throughout your pregnancy.

You have many reasons to workout during pregnancy so carve out twenty minutes for this workout. A few times a week and you will see the progress you wish to see! And after that baby comes, you will be in love with this new little being you created, AND experience your body bouncing back fast. I know this because I did it!

Doing this workout at least once a week during the last two trimesters of my third pregnancy I gained less weight in my legs and hips than during my first two pregnancies. The best idea is to plug this workout into a interval timer so you can do it anywhere. I used to take my kids to an empty park, roll out my towel and get the workout done while they play! Who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone? The kids get to play and mom gets to workout. It is only slightly awkward if anyone else shows up, haha!

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