How do I start a blog?

Have you decided to start a blog? Find yourself asking, “But how do I start a blog?” The truth is, it isn’t hard. And once you start you will be learning new things every day. Writing a blog is fun, exciting, frustrating, defeating, rewarding, and exciting! My best suggestion is not to jump right in the water but instead to dip your toes in, sit on the side of the pool with only your legs in before slowly lowering yourself into the water. To do this, follow these 10 suggestions before you launch your very own blog!

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  1. Research, research, research.
    • When I started thinking of writing a blog I started reading research like crazy. I read about how to start one. I read about how to make money. I read what other bloggers wish they knew when they started. I read about plugins, promoting, and branding. I wrote about what kind of blogs make money and how successful niche blogs can be. The point is read everything. When you find something that you think helps save it. I save all my helpful blog research onto the board below. Follow that board for easy access!

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  2. Determine how much time you think you can dedicate to the blog.
    • Ultimately you never know until you start one. What I mean is, you never know how much time you can find to dedicate AND you never know how much time it takes. I’ve read all sorts of things: You need to commit eight hours a day to really make money! You should write a new post every single day. Writing is only 30% of the time while marketing is 70%. The point I am trying to make is you need to have an idea of what will work for you and what you want and are willing to do.
  3. How much money can you put into the blog? 
    • Unfortunately, owning your own blog does cost a little bit of money. But really, it’s not much to start. You can choose, however, to upgrade free plugins or have paid memberships to different services, etc. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend up front and a month. It will most likely be a bit of time before you start to see any return on your investment (for me a year) so you want to think long term about this.
  4. Talk to someone you trust and if you pray, then pray.
    • My poor husband. He had to listen to me go over things for two months before I pulled the trigger. But, in all honesty, I needed this to feel right about my decision. Find this person and let them help you talk it out. If praying is something you do, then you should not neglect to pray about your blog. Ask God to be a part of it.
  5. Narrow down your topics.
    • I had a couple things I wanted to talk about. I wrote down all these things and thought about the type of people I would reach, the interest level in the world, and whether or not I thought this topic was something I could go on and on about. The CSA life and fitness were the ones that kept popping up and getting me excited so that is what I eventually landed on.
  6. Brainstorm for domain names.
  7. Type out a Business plan.
    • Three main sections in mine are Mission Statement, goals, and logistics. So, one of my mission statements was to share with the world my way of staying healthy and active, to help people! For goals, I dreamed of how much money I want to make, how long I want to commit to writing on the blog, and I pledged not to prioritize the blog before God, my husband, or children. And under logistics, I contemplated when I could work on the blog, how many posts I could get up a week, and what subjects I would write about in a week.
  8. Write 3-4 posts in Word.
    • These are only rough drafts so they don’t have to be perfect but work on 3-4 to see what goes into just the writing part. When you actually have a blog, not only will you want the writing part to be perfect but then you’ll have a pinnable picture to make, SEO scores to worry about, and promoting after you hit the publish button.
  9. Write an About page and a Disclaimer.
    • These will be two of the first pages you publish so I recommend going ahead and getting those done. Here is my About page and my Disclaimer. Both of these can be easily accessed pages on my blog. I referenced this amazing post to write my disclaimer, check it out you’ll love it!
  10. Choose your hosting site.
    • There are a couple of great hosting sites out there and everyone has reasons they like the one they use. I was on a tight budget and had to go by the price so I went with goDaddy. I have not had one problem and am renewing my hosting with them for another year.

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I hope this helps you on your way to starting your own blog! You may also want to check out these 10 resources to help you get started with your blog:

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