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You can start your own blog! In fact, starting a blog has to be the easiest and most long-term way to make money on your own time, being your own boss, and sitting at home. That’s why so many stay-at-home moms are bloggers!

start your own blog

Don’t get me wrong. When you start your own blog, you probably won’t start earning money right away and you will have to put in some hard work and perseverance. However, the internet is so crazy because once something is out there it is always out there and will continue to make money forever! That’s what we bloggers call passive income: you worked hard to get it out there but you don’t have to do anything else once it is. (That’s my official definition.)

If you think you want to start your own blog, if you want to make some more money but can’t take on another job or, are stuck in the house with your babes then you should start your own blog! It only cost me about $55 for my domain name and hosting space for the first year. That’s it. Starting my blog took a lot more brainstorming, time, and courage than it took money.

start your own blog

To give you a little motivation here are ten blog posts that inspired me to start typing:

It was fun putting together this list because I got to re-read all these posts! I was reminded of simple things like how important promoting is and I even learned about ad backfill (which I will need to research more). The thing about blogging is that most of us bloggers are learning and teaching each other every day with every post we write. I am so excited to be a part of this process of sharing my knowledge!

So, if you have been thinking about starting a blog and this post or any of these other posts lit a fire in your belly, got you thinking about what your interests are, and/or made you feel hopeful for the future. Then I say do it! Start your own blog! But, before you do that you’ll need to give yourself some time and talk it over with someone you trust. Write down ideas and goals. Type up a post. These are all things that I actually did before taking the plunge into the blogging world. These are some of the tidbits I plan on sharing in another post!

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If you know someone that may want to start a blog, send them the link! It’ll give them something to think about and a bunch of great resources to read.

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  1. Lee Frost says:

    Really liked the post Callie. Thank you for the 10 helpful blogs. I am bookmarking them all. Just started blogging a couple of months ago myself and I have a lot to learn.

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