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In my original post on how to find friends, I emphasized the importance of prayer in finding these friends. This seems like something easily skipped over or, as in my case, you may think you are praying but really only be asking God occasionally about finding friends. Don’t do this! No change took place in my life until I started praying for friends fervently. So, pray pray pray.

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Praying for friends means acknowledging that you are not in control of your life but that God is. You are telling Him that every part of your life, including making friends, is in His hands. That you aren’t trying to find fulfillment in the things of this world but trusting that he knows what is best for you and He will bring you true fulfillment through the people He chooses. This brings up another reason. If we are left to choose our own friends will we choose ones that help us grow as Christians? We may or we may not. We

If we are left to choose our own friends will we choose ones that help us grow as Christians? We may or we may not. We may unknowingly choose those with the same weaknesses as us. Those who will make it seem ok to succumb to the desires of the flesh and maybe even lead us astray. So, therefore, brothers and sisters, ask God to bring people into your life that you can form meaningful and lasting relationships with. And don’t stop asking Him until you see it come to fruition.

Is that it, you ask? All you have to do is start praying for friends and they come, you ask? Well, not really. Listen to the nudgings. You may be lucky enough to actually hear God tell you what to do. Most of the time, it is not so obvious. That’s how it usually is for me.

After months of praying for friends, I got a desire to join a small group at my church. I found a group that I could join right away. Not only that but it was a mom’s group with child care provided. I wish I could say it was that easy. I went and instantly had friends. But no, it was harder than that and I had to go outside my comfort zone a few times. Asking people to have play dates and then going on them, even going on a few less “successful” ones.

Looking back on this time I can see how God answered my prayers so clearly. At the time, I could not see that it was all God. I just thought I wanted to join a group. Play dates were the next most obvious step to getting to know people. But you know what? It was so God. From the study that was being talked about that day, to the person I sat beside. God had it all planned out how to root me into that group. A place where I would remain for at least a while (going on two years now). I have been blessed to strengthen some of those first relationships and create new ones. 

Since this time of friendship growth, I am actually a bit overwhelmed by the friendships in my life. After all, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and so much more already. How am I going to keep up with all these relationships? And ones I can see could flourish if I could only nourish them. Honestly, the only thing I can do is trust that with God all things are possible. He gives me strength.

That is actually where I am right now today as I can feel another friendship beginning. Just the thought of this new friendship intimates and exhausts me. But, I know that it is God-breathed and I am excited and amazed by how the Lord has given to me not only what I asked for but given it to me abundantly. And more than I need! It is no longer about me. It is about the other people God is touching through me. I am only a vessel and if I keep going to God for him to fill me up with his holy spirit then I will always have enough to give to others.

This brings me to my last nugget for you who are looking for a companion.

Once you think you may have a friendship starting, start praying for them! It shouldn’t be much of a difference if you have been praying constantly. It’s just that now you have a name. Maybe, you know what is going on in their lives. Whether it is big or small, surface level or deep, whether they asked you to pray for something or simply told you what was going on in their lives. It is your privilege and honor to bring their request before God.

Do you remember the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man? Luke 5:17-26 says that “some men” carried their paralyzed friend to where Jesus was teaching and healing people. However, the crowd was so big they could not get to Jesus. So, they took a different route. They went to the roof of the building and lowered the man, through the roof, right in front of Jesus. Then Jesus does something miraculous. The bible says that “He saw their faith” and told the man to get up and walk AND HE DID. If you didn’t catch what I’m trying to say: I’m saying that this man was healed through the faith of his friends. They believed in Jesus’ healing powers so much that they knew if they could just get to Jesus their friend would have his prayers answered. We have the same power when we come before the Lord with requests for our friends!

Praying to find friends and praying for friends will change your life, deepen your relationships, and strengthen the Lord in your heart. I am praying for you, friend. That whoever would read this would be comforted and empowered in His saving name. Amen

Source: Bible Gateway

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How to find friends. Even Jesus knew the importance of friends, which is why he kept 12 of them with him all the time.

Even Jesus knew the importance of friends, which is why he kept 12 of them with him all the time.

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