How to exercise at home

EXERCISE (1)How to exercise at home as a stay at home mom is not as easy as it may seem. It is difficult to get a workout in while taking care of young children. Unless you are a team beach body coach, a personal trainer, or a fitness instructor at the gym you are probable skipping your workout more than you’d like. (For the record, I am none of these but they are all great ways to make money and stay healthy!)

Knowing how much pressure society puts on mothers to ‘lose the baby weight’ and ‘keep your husband interested’ and in honor of how hard we work to have the time, energy, and commitment to exercise (lets face it, our children strip us of these things), I put together a ‘how to exercise at home’ list together to try to help the busy mama get a workout done in the midst of cooking, cleaning, playing, breaking up fights, and wiping butts. I hope you will find it helpful and a bit humorous.

Before reading this list I want to remind you that the bottom line is you have to willing to try lots of different things in order to exercise daily and be willing to stop at a moments notice to kiss someone’s toe that got stepped on or pray for God to help them share. (Yes, we do that in our house.) Oh and also, what works one day will probably never work again so doing all of these nine things in rotation in a good idea.

How to exercise at home:

  1. Put a movie or show on for the kids to distract them while you workout.
    • Here’s a tip: don’t choose to show them Tangled for the first time if you are trying to work out. You will end up sitting with them for the majority of the movie comforting and assuring them that a witch will not steal them out of their crib while you sleep in the next room. All I’m saying is choose wisely! 
  2. Take the kids and your mat outside so they can play and you can exercise.
    • Inevitably, they will get closer and closer to you until you burst out at them to get away before they get kicked. Avoid the “bursting” by expecting the worst and planning to patiently explain (multiple times) to your cutie that suddenly wants cuddles right now that mama is exercising and they can do almost anything they want while you exercise. Double that time as a quick water break before jumping back into your workout. Try this one for an intense ab/cardio workout.
  3. Run with them in a stroller.
    • Plan to ice everything afterwards because this is an intense workout.
  4. Wake up early and get in your workout before they wake up.
    • Hahahahaha
  5. Workout during nap time.
    • This is my favorite ‘how to exercise at home’ idea. I do it often! I love to do different youtube videos as my home exercise routine. Maybe cardio to work off some steam or a quick yoga session in to revive my energy level and find some peace. You could always kill two birds with one stone by working out while watching your favorite show.
  6. Workout after they go to bed.
    • Ugh. Who wants to workout after fiiiinally getting through with your day? And that is only if your are lucky enough to have kids who sleep through the whole night. Having said that, if you can find the motivation it is easy enough to stretch, do lunges or squats, or even a little pilates while catching up with the hubs, watching tv, and drinking wine. (Wine is optional.)
  7. Make them your workout.
    • Lift them, hold them, have a dance party, play sports or chase. Take them to a park and use these tips to burn some calories. Kids really do need our straight up attention and this is one way to give them it but also get your heart rate up.

      Take the family on a hike.

      Take the family on a hike.

  8. Make house chores a workout

Figuring out how to exercise at home can be a daily challenge. You have to find the right time of day, the right place, have your kids be entertained but you can do it! And you know what, you deserve to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. When I was in high school (15 years ago, yikes!), I first started working out on my own at home. I did it because I read that working out makes you feel better about your body and builds your confidence. I was smart enough then to know that I should try this thing they call exercise because I was the exact opposite of confident and too often compared myself to other girls. I want you to know that it worked for me. I felt much more confident and happier too. This is why exercising is still an important part of my life.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you’d like to read more about me click on over to my About page.

Leave me a comment letting me know your best tip for how to exercise at home. Sharing is caring and I need some new ideas!



    • Callie says:

      🙂 Thank you Pat. I really let my sarcasm come out on this one and I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Now go lock the kids their rooms and get your workout on!

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