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Best workout videos completely free

I started looking for the best workout videos on YouTube the a couple years ago because it just gets dull doing the same workout over and over. Also, I get less motivated to actually do the workout when I know what the workout is. Another great thing about choosing a video is that you can choose the length of time, type of workout, and even target specific areas of your body. Options are limitless and it can be hard to find top quality videos. So I have done the work for you! Here are some of the best workout videos available on YouTube.


Alright, I had to start off by sharing my favorite yoga girl. I found her channel through Pinterest (ahem, I may have an addiction there). She was hosting a 7-day challenge at the start of the New Year, in which a couple lucky yogis received a giveaway at the end. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones but either way I was hooked. The 7-day routines were only 15 minutes and were all so different. She consistently uploads new videos on Fridays and rotates between Yoga routines and talking videos. The Yoga routines are all different. I have seen her do relaxation videos and more challenging warrior videos. She is definitely organized and has a really professional channel. She also loves interacting with users and has always responded when I have commented. Who doesn’t appreciate that. 🙂

She gave me permission to embed a video in this post so I chose one of those 15 minute videos I loved. For me, it is all about the hips. After a few months of regularly completing this routine and others from her site targeting hips two things happened. One, I knew stretches I could do at anytime without a video to stretch out my hips. Two, my jacked-up hips, that were always paining me and popping, were starting to be aligned correctly. If you have this problem too, start here:


Fitness Blender

This channel is legit. They have been uploading videos for over 6 years and have 2.5 million subscribers. With over 400 videos you can literally do a different video every day of the year! But really, they have some of the best workout videos with everything from cardio to strength training to stretching and Pilates. My favorite part is that most of their workouts are HIIT workouts. Therefore, they will keep your body burning calories for up to 24 hours. (Learn more about HIIT here.) Most of the videos are body weight only but some you may want weights and/or a mat for. Enjoy!


Christine Salus

I don’t come to this channel often as it is a Vegan, travelling, workout video VLOG. But, if you are interested in those three things then this is your gal!

Below you will see my go-to arm workout of hers when I want my arms to be sore the day after. It is tough! Ask my sister-in-law (I made her do it with me once and we killed it!). And I have done a few others of her workout, which also utilize HIIT, and they are always intense.


So, those are the best workout videos I have found online. Do you know of some? Send me a link in the comments, I love finding new workouts!

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