A Healthier S’more

June 2, 2015

I bet you didn’t think s’mores could get any more wonderful.  Well, I am about to blow your mind.  These s’mores are tastier than the traditional version and healthier.  Simply sub cored apple slices for the graham cracker.  You can use any type of apple and cut the slices as thick or as thin as you want.  

I grew up eating s’mores on apple slices.  I had no idea that the whole world didn’t do this.  And I have no idea why we did this.  When I first had s’mores with graham crackers I was very disappointed.  They are so dry.  I have asked many friends and so far never had anyone tell me they also have had s’mores this way so please comment if you too eat them like this!  I will be so excited to know there are other weird people like me out there!

You will never go back to eating a graham cracker s'more again!

A little nutritional information, free of charge:

Using one marshmallow, 3 pieces of chocolate and (approximately) a quarter of an apple is costs only 101 calories! Using one sheet (2 squares or 4 small rectangles) of graham crackers can add anywhere from 35 to 106 calories depending on the type of graham cracker you use.  

If this isn’t enough motivation because even 200 calories seems doable for you then let me ask you this.  How many times have you had just one s’more?  For me the answer is rarely.  But with the apple s’more I can be satisfied with one or eat two without guilt.  Additionally, apples have many benefits. The first being that it is a completely natural, unprocessed food. (duh)  In addition, apples have practically no fat, are cholesterol free, and are high in Vitamin B6 and C.  To be fair apples are high in sugar and carbs but again, these are natural sugar and carbs that work with your body and not against (like graham crackers). Furthermore, if you go organic you have the added benefit of the apple helping your body feel full.  (Click here to learn more about that!)

A Healthier S'more
Add flavor and nutrition to a classic.
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. Marshmallow
  2. Apple (any kind)
  3. Chocolate
  1. Core the apple and slice so that each slice has a dougnut hole in the middle.
  2. Cook the marshmallow over the campfire to desired doneness.
  3. Strategically place the chocolate on the apple, add the marshmallow, and place the final apple slice on top.
  4. Enjoy!
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Everyone is skeptical when I tell them about this s’more but I promise, at the least, you will like it.  At the most, you will love it and never go back.  Just try!  And let me know in the comments if you already eat them this way!

Click here to read about how eating organic fruits and vegetables trains your body to feel full, thus leading to weight loss.


  1. Teresa S says:

    I have never had them this way but I must say I am intrigued. About a month ago I found out that I am allergic to wheat and have been eating a GF WF diet ever since and haven’t looked back. There are a few things I’m still trying to work out but I will get back to you on how I like this.

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