Top fitness and health (FREE) apps

The best FREE apps for staying in shape and eating right

My secret to successfully staying healthy and active is my phone.  Well, the apps on my phone.  I chose 11 apps to share with you and I will share them in order of my current favorites.  All are free and serve different purposes.


Some of my most used apps

1) Pinterest

Of course!  There is so much information out there about eating clean and getting fit.  I have adopted others’ most healthy and great tasting recipes as my own and seen my body change trying different moves and workouts that others’ post.  My pinterest app allows me to access all of these things so easily and from where ever I am.

Cons: Be aware that you can easily get sucked in for hours…I would know…

2) A HIIT Interval Timer

 This is my current favorite app for working out.  Once you put in your workout it is always there.  No need to worry about counting reps or watching the clock.  The timer will beep when your decided upon time is up.  It lists the exercise you are on at the top, counts down total time and rep time, and tells you what round you are in (if you are doing a circuit).  I use this for core work, interval running, full cardio workouts, and simple warm-ups.  Click here for my go-to, 10 minute, full body warm-up.

Cons: it takes about 5 minutes to enter a workout; the actual app can be a little confusing at times; it has frozen on me during a run and I had to stop to get it working again

3) Charity Miles

The FREE app you need to have to give back while you workout

This one is pretty straightforward and should be used on a walk, run, or bike ride.  Simply turn it on and choose your charity.  The app will track for distance and donate to your chosen charity according to how many miles you go.  Walkers and runners earn their charity a quarter per mile and bikers earn a dime per mile.  That’s pretty good considering all you have to do is touch a button.

Cons: can’t think of any, it’s always worked great for me

4) Grocery iQ

So this one doesn’t help with fitness but it certainly helps me eat healthier and have better time management.  You basically keep your shopping list on this app, you can sync it with anyone you want to and have multiple lists.  This helps me to stay stocked on all my healthy items and stay away from the junk food aisles.

Cons:  sometimes mine doesn’t sync well

5) MyFitnessPal

Ok, if you haven’t gotten this app yet, where have you been?  It seriously works so well.  MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter.  It’s newest version also shows you notes about what is or isn’t healthy about a particular food you have chosen.  When I get determined to watch what I eat I use this app and can usually drop 5 pounds fast.  You are basically training yourself to eat less.  And you can hook up with friends on there to encourage each other to do get fit and healthy!

Cons:  It takes time when you first start this app.  You can find some things through searches but will spend time scanning other foods.  Entering recipes takes time but is so worth it to understand and know what you are consuming.

6) YouTube

This may sound weird as a “fitness” app but I love youtube workout videos.  You can find anything and never have to do the same workout twice.  If you do find someone’s channel that you really like you can subscribe or like their videos to find them easily next time.  The only subscription (totally free) that I have is for a yoga instructor:  Sarahbethyoga.  I really enjoy her videos.  She has a range from relaxing back stretches to power yoga.  And having this app on my phone means I can workout outside, when I’m travelling, or in my living room.  I love it!

Cons:  can’t think of any for me

7) Nike+ Running

There are lots of different running apps that will track your run and give you different stats.  I use, and like, this one for a couple reasons.  One is that it will sync nicely with my Nike Training Club app (to be discussed next).  The second is that it keeps a total distance log and my top records.  If I break any of these records it tells me which one I broke at the end of my run.

Cons:  Well, I do feel like they are pushing the Nike agenda on me…

8) Nike Training Club

Love how your trainer can improve your body quickly but can't afford to pay all the time, try this free app in which trainers and athletes design your workout

This one is super tough.  You can choose what workout you want to do, based on time or type of workout (ie:  toning, build muscle…).  Or you can ask for it to create a 4 week program for you in which it tells you the workout to do and on which day you are suppose to do it.  All the workouts are designed by professional athletes and/or trainers.  They give you instructions and even cheer you on during reps.  It also keeps track of how many minutes and workouts you have completed.

Cons:  When doing a 4-week program the app specifies the day of the week to workout, which bugs me.  Also, if you don’t know a certain move they are great instructions and even videos but you have to stop in the middle of the workout to learn them.

9) MapMyRide

Tracks the distance that you bike.  You can hook up with friends.  There is also a MapMyRun and MapMyFitness.

Cons:  I don’t actually bike enough to use this app enough to have any complaints.

10) Overdrive Media

So, this is the app I use to listen to books.  My library system has a free app to manage your account and on that I downloaded this app which allows me to download audio books straight to my phone.  I listen to my books when I cook, clean, drive and when I walk or run.  It really helps keep my mind off the workout.  And I am motivated to go on a walk or run so that I can listen to my book.

Cons: Mine is kinda slow when I’m doing searches for books but I don’t really have any real complaints.  I mean I’m checking books out of the library without having to leave my house.  It’s pretty nice.

11) Pandora

This one is simple.  To listen to music during workouts.

Cons:  doesn’t always work on a run because you need an internet connection.

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