2 Super Foods you should be putting in your smoothie

March 23, 2015

Smart Start Smoothie


You should always always always add spinach to your smoothie.  I promise you will NOT taste it.  The only time I even noticed the spinach was when I put so much in that it actually turned it green!  I still couldn’t taste a difference.  Spinach is a power food that is a good source of iron and fiber.  Although it is less than 7 calories per cup, spinach helps you to feel full thus, aiding weight loss.


Grapefruit also curbs your hunger and revs up your metabolism to help you lose weight or avoid weight gain.  It is good for your heart and skin too!

Grapefruit does have two drawbacks.  One is the taste, it can overpower the smoothie so you need to make sure the other fruit you use can offset the taste.  I like to use half an orange and a cup of blueberries.  The second drawback is that it is very high in sugars.  If you are diabetic or don’t handle sugar well this may not be good for you.

Sources:  Nutritional Data for Spinach & for grapefruit & what’s great about grapefruit

What super foods do you put in your smoothie?



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